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Textile Waste
We operate a full service export company operating as Lovalta with an office and plant in Toronto.

We specialize in all types of textile waste and recycled/recyclable textiles and quality used clothing for all foreign and domestic markets. We are a respected world-renowned supplier of wipers for the export market.


  • Wool-Worsted, Melton and Felt Clips, Tops, Tow and Sliver
  • Cotton Waste/Burlap
  • Tailor's Cuttings
  • Shoddy & Thread Wastes
  • Synthetic Clips To Shade
  • Rayon, Jut, Flax & Hemp
  • All Grades Of By-Products


  • Mill Ends
  • Fabric Bolts
  • Polycotton Print
  • Furnishing Fabrics
  • Remnants
  • Job Lots & Close Outs
  • Hand Knitting Yarns
  • Sweater Knitting Yarns
  • Polyester Staple
  • Acrylic Staple
  • Nylon 6, Nylon 66
  • Polypropylene

Toronto Wiping Cloth
Toronto, Ontario

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